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Azure Data Lake Analytics Deep Dive
Aired on February 02, 2016
Azure Data Lake Analytics is a new distributed service in the Azure Data Lake. Learn the basic components of the Azure Data Lake Analytics, explore the architectural layers that support storage and compute and how to construct a basic ADLA pipeline that integrates with other Azure services such as Azure Data Factory.
U-SQL for Big Data - A Definitive Guide
Aired on February 16, 2016
This presentation will delve deep on U-SQL, why we decided to build a new language, what its core design underpinnings are as well as show the language in its natural habitat ? the development tooling ? showing the language capabilities as well as the tool support from starting your first script to analyzing its performance.
Azure Data Lake Store - The Scalable & Secure Big Data Store
Aired on March 01, 2016
Azure Data Lake Store is a hyper scale data repository for enterprises to build cloud-based data lakes securely. In this session, we will show you how HDFS compatibility of Azure Data Lake Store seamlessly enables analytics workloads and gives them agility and security over and above what the framework offers.
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Getting and Saving Data

Get, upload, and save data to your workspace.

Preprocessing Data

Clean, transform, and normalize your data.

Predictive Modeling

Learn the steps required for building, scoring and evaluating a predictive model.

Publish a Predictive Model

Publish and stage your predictive model as an Azure-based service.